Pipes, line pipes, etc


Pipes, line pipes, etc.

Pressure vessels and pressure containing system

Fit-for-purpose calculations on flawed water line pipe

Determine flaw size dependent design pressure

Fracture Mechanics to predict crack growth and failure mode



IIW Bulletin 520

Ref: IM-TR843 12292

Corrosion of pipelines

Monte Carlo and Fracture Mechanics calculations to calculate remaining life of cyclically pressurised underground and surface line pipe life subject to environment dependent pit corrosion depth and density distribution.

Root cause assessment for collapse of pipes in mine shaft.

Ref: IM-TR449 11276

Flow & pressure distribution

Investmech did several projects where flow & pressure distribution in water and slurry pipelines were calculated, including heat exchangers.

Electrode arm hydraulic system transient analysis

Accelerated wear on electrodes.

Related to unsteady control.

Transient analysis of coupled hydraulic & mechanical system. Hydraulic resonance to be responsible.

Pipe thickness, size & anchoring changed to solve problem.

Briquette impregnation reactor design audit covering the following scope:

1.  Design compliance

2.  Drawings compliance

3.  Welding procedure specifications

Design temperature of this reactor is 300 °C.  Design pressure 700 kPa.

Ref: IM-TR478 11358

Root cause assessment of the failure of a pressurised dust catcher including the following scope:

1.Inspection of failed sections

2.Metallurgical inspections

3.Pressure vessel code driven design calculations

4.Fatigue calculations

5.Fracture Mechanic

Design temperature of this reactor is 300 °C.  Design pressure 700 kPa.                   Ref: IM-TR478 11358

Design of pulsating pressure hutch tanks for the iron ore processing industry with following limited mission profile:   

  1.  Pressure frequency: 1 Hz
  2.  Complex geometry requiring finite element analysis (FEA)


  1.  Manufacturing drawings
  2.  Welding Procedure Specifications

Ref: IM-TR577 11574