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Investmech networks with specialists and facilities of various organisations globally and is ideally positioned to solve client problems on turnkey projects, assist with product development, and perform design. The group specialises in Structural Integrity and was involved in a quite a number of projects over the past years. Through a close relationship with various universities and other academic institutions Investmech ensures that the maximum value is added to all projects conducted.

Mechanical Engineering Services We Offer

Engineering Problem Solving
  • By applying state-of-the art measurement and analysis techniques the Investmech engineers identify and eliminate mechanical problems.
Structural Integrity
  • Fatigue life expectancy
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Fracture control programmes
  • Material Fatigue. Investmech adds value to this expert field by redesigning components and/or structures that crack due to heavy loads
  • Mission profile driven design and re-design
  • Remaining life prediction of underground pipes subjected to various environmental conditions
  • Structural Integrity Certification
  • Annual structural audits on plant and bridge super structures


Finite Element Analysis and Simulation
  • Investmech adds value to these fields by being one of the experts in the world that reconstructs input forces for measured strain and acceleration responses. The ANSYS and MSC suite of packages are used for finite element analyses.
Ventilation System Design
  • Gautrain underground stations and emergency shafts is a recent project
Structural and machine modelling, analysis and design
  • Redesign of mechanical structures and components to conform to a specified design life.
  • Third party Audits
  • Structural Audits 
Product Development
Hydraulic systems design & installation
Design and manufacturing of machinery and structures
  • Machine design, structural steelwork design and shaft steelwork design
  • Mission profile driven design
  • Gearbox design, modelling and problem solving
Durability testing
  • Accelerated durability testing
  • Four-poster tests
  • Component testing
  • Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) &
  • Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) tests
  • Low temperature brittleness tests
  • Characterization
  • Material testing:
    • Fatigue curves
    • COD and J-integral crack propagation
    • Fracture toughness
Conformance Testing
  • ROPS and FOPS
  • Towing devices
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Seismic resistant parts for nuclear industry
  • Vehicle rims
  • Cranes and super structures
  • Other tests according to customer requirements and international standards.
Test rigs
  • Single and multi-axial servo-hydraulic test rigs
Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Noise and vibration Problem Solving
  • Sound Attenuation Analysis
  • Vibration control to prevent and eliminate fatigue problems
  • Vibration measurement and analysis (Whole-body, hand-arm, structural vibration, modal analysis, operational mode, fault diagnosis, predictive and condition-based maintenance)
  • Simulation of the dynamics of mechanical systems.
  • Crash simulations
Engineering Certifications
  • Certification of roof structures for cellular companies, etc.
  • Design and certification of vehicle components, structures, customer specific machinery and equipment, etc.
  • Certification of hoisting systems, critical automotive components, cranes, etc.
  • Certification of shaft steelwork.
  • Certification of super structures for small and large applications, etc.
  • ROPS and FOPS certification.
  • Act as expert witness in court cases and disputes
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Vibration measurement, analysis and control
  • Structural integrity
  • Condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance
  • Noise measurement, analysis and control
  • Design of welded connections
  • Design and construction of bolted connections
  • Strain measurement and analysis
  • Structural integrity and mission profile driven design

Companies We’ve Worked With

From 2004 to the present day, we have successfully completed projects for more than 250 companies. Below you can see a small handful of companies we have worked with in the past.

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