Noise and Vibration


Investmech offers the following:

  • Vibration measurement, analysis and control
  • Noise measurement, analysis and control

Structural and machine accelerations are measured and the following done:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Fault finding
  • Modal analysis
  • Active vibration control
  • Automotive Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
  • Hand-arm vibration
  • Whole body vibration

Examples on Noise:

  1. Attenuation specification for the Gautrain underground station and emergency shaft ventilation system.
  2. Structure borne noise control in a RG32M
  3. Automotive noise control and finding the root cause for acoustic booms
  4. Chute noise reduction at Polifin

Examples on Vibration:

  1. Severity of plant structure vibrations
  2. Motion sickness on railway vehicles
  3. Fault finding on machinery
  4. Structure vibrations and condition monitoring using the modal assurance criterion
  5. Plant structure vibration severity
  6. Vibration control using dynamic vibration absorbers
  7. Vibration isolation of sensitive electron microscope at the University of Witwatersrand
  8. Injector plunger vibration
  9. Crack detection from supersonic vibrations on injector clamps
  10. Whole body and hand-arm vibration severity assessment in South African mines