Investmech supplies a range of products, tailor made to satisfy a client specific need.  Contact us if you need a specific product and we will be pleased to submit you a proposal for the development thereof.


  • Digital servo-controllers
  • Servo-hydraulic actuators
  • Test jigging
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Star Hydraulics servo-valves
  • Hydraulic start-stop valves

Mobile multimedia unit

This unit was developed to enable transmission of the ANC government’s 10 year inauguration in 2004

Four-poster test rig

Investmech supply multi-actuator test rigs ranging in actuator size from 25 kN to 100 kN in size.  Applying ARX models, drive signals are calculated that result in accurate reconstruction of field recorded responses

Servo-hydraulic actuators

Investmech supplies a wide range of servo-hydraulic actuators with application specific hydrostatic or hydrodynamic bearings.  Our actuators are used in single and multi-axial durability and characterisation tests.

Dynamic vibration absorbers

Investmech designs and manufactures dynamic absorbers (damped and undamped, depending on application) for vibration control due to resonance.  Investmech successfully applied this technology to control vibration of linkages, floors and roof elements.  The dynamic vibration absorber is fine tuned in the Investmech test laboratory to ensure efficient control of vibration at resonance.

Test systems:

We offer a wide range of tests systems of which

the following is a typical list:

  • Four poster durability test rigs
  • Multi-actuator test systems
  • Towing device test systems
  • Exhaust thermal fatigue test rig
  • Radiator pressure pulsation test rig
  • Load cell calibration machines (1 to 100 ton)
  • Warm water container or geyser thermal and pressure testing systems
  • Low temperature brittleness testing
  • 300 ton beam tester for bridge supports during construction

Measurement systems:

  • Online agitator protection
  • Online strain, vibration, etc. monitoring
  • Online condition monitoring


  • Tuned damped dynamic vibration absorbers
  • Tuned undamped dynamic vibration absorber
  • Underground vehicles
  • Jig hutch tanks
  • Guide roller assemblies

Custom made products

  • Mission profile driven boat trailers