Project Management

Upon managing projects, Investmech integrates all management aspects. Projects are planned in multi-disciplinary approach and include for example risk management, procurement and contract management, quality management, human resource management and communications management. Investmech manages all its own projects and is also been responsible for the project management of turnkey projects that constitute phases from analysis through design and finally manufacturing and implementation.

Business analysis

Business process modelling & analysis is a crucial component of business process improvement efforts. It is also a critical, but often overlooked, activity in new systems development. Using business analysis principles, Investmech can help an organization to:

  • identify its customers;
  • identify each employees’ roles and responsibilities;
  • model its current processes;
  • understand the current processes and identify areas for improvements;
  • develop new business process alternatives through innovative thinking;
  • extend the organizations processes to its customers and suppliers, and,
  • help the organization to embed it’s knowledge into the new business process

Supply chain design & optimization

Supply chain management (SCM) has been commonly recognized as a core competitive strategy under the trend of market globalization. The operations of a supply chain are the fundamental elements that can determine the success of the chain.

Planning and controlling the supply chain

Investmech has the ability to add value to the following areas:

1. Capacity Planning

Capacity requirements

Capacity cushion

Economies of scale



2. Demand management

Dependent demand

Independent demand

Bullwhip effect


3. Forecasting

4. Aggregate planning

5. Inventory control


Fixed-Order Quantity Model

Fixed-Time Period Model

Special Purpose Model

Materials Handling

Investmech can aid in the design and development as well as with decisions regarding the automation and mechanization of material handling equipment.

Quality Management

Apart from the high quality standard of work Investmech delivers, assistance is also given to client companies to improve the quality of all aspects in their organizations. A formal quality management system documents the structure, responsibilities, and procedures required to manage and improve quality effectively.
Investmech emphasizes the following key characteristics of quality management systems:

  • A customer focus to core processes, daily operations, and quality improvements
  • Leadership commitment
  • Employee involvement
  • A process approach to work and improvement
  • Continual improvement
  • Fact-based, data-driven problem solving and decision making
  • Developing supplier relationships
  • Investmech can also assist organizations in obtaining ISO 9001:2000 accreditation

Facilities layout & design

Designing an efficient facility is a key activity in planning a manufacturing system. Without an efficient design specifically meant for a manufacturing vision, a facility is more likely to fail in supporting an organization’s vision in building better products. The philosophies of Just-in-Time or Lean Manufacturing can be achieved only if the facilities are built to support them. Investmech has the ability to design facilities for various production and service industries and develop efficient layouts for these designs as well as existing facilities.

Some of the immediate benefits from an efficient facility are: reduced costs, less damage to product, better utilization of space and equipment, and safer work environments. Once those benefits are realized, increased throughput and better productivity follow naturally.

Supply chain performance review

Investmech can carry out detailed investigations to determine the true cost of operation using activity based costing and undertaking efficiency audits. The supply chain performance will also be measured in terms of inventory turnover and weeks of supply where applicable.

Logistics Strategy

In the context of overall business strategy, the interfacing logistics strategy is often the crucial element in making everything work. This strategy will address fleet sizing and management, operations and cost control, routing and scheduling and vehicle workshop management. Investmech can review, redesign and ultimately optimise organisations logistics network to meet client objectives and criteria.

Simulation and modelling

Investmech is able to provide specialist decision support services using computer modelling and logistics problem solving expertise. Evaluation models can be built in aiding decisions regarding vehicle utilization, factory and warehouse layout, supply chain strategy and inventory modelling.